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4 Free Lessons Series is the beginning of the journey.  To access these lessons, click on the links below.

Students are introduced to the piano, exploring concepts of high and low tones, white and black keys, names of keys.  Songs are introduced and the student plays in the very first lesson (part C).  Do not skip segments as materials are presented sequentially.  Afterwards, students may revisit favorite lessons again and again.

4 Free Lesson 1

4 Free Lesson 2

4 Free Lesson 3

4 Free Lesson 4


 Ready to Read is a 4 lesson series to develop pre-reading skills.

Concepts include:
-finger exercises for control and dexterity,
-counting and rhythm,
-directional reading,
-notes C, D, and E on the staff.

Students learn 15 songs from the
"I Can Do It!" book.

At the end of this series the student can play all the songs in "I Can Do It!" plus most music at pre-reading level from Music Stores listed here.

Ready to Read Lesson 1

Ready to Read Lesson 2

Ready to Read Lesson 3

Ready to Read Lesson 4

To access parts B and C of Lesson 1, go to the tab "The Lessons" and drag down to the first option, 4 Free 1 ABC.




This delightful book     is the foundation of our pre-reading series.  It is used in the *Free* Beginners Course and the Ready to Read series.

Your students will return again and again to enjoy their favorite songs.

Order this book directly from orders@kapokpress.com 

Free Gift:  Write "Piano for Special Needs" or p4sn in the comment box to receive a free gift. 

Price $26.95




To order any other music, click on this link.


To find music appropriate with the Ready to Read series, search for "pre-reading piano books".  You will especially enjoy the Value Package "Pre-Reading Piano Delights" found in the right column.

Of course you may purchase any music you desire.  All purchases help support our efforts to develop the best teaching methods for your students.

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