Miracles are made with music.
"Your child can be the star and receive love and attention like never before."

4 More Piano Lessons to fulfill your student’s dreams and bring harmony and family fun to your home.

I am excited and proud to offer you the Ready to Read course through online piano lessons that are delivered to your email.  These convenient and affordable lessons will give your student pride and self-satisfaction in new skills and family fun and enjoyment.

Again and again I’ve seen underestimated children blossom and come into self-awareness through Piano for Special Needs online piano lessons.

  • Alex 20, autistic realized he has musical talents and wonders if he has others, as well.  For the first time he sees that he has self-worth.
  • Kathy, age 9 with cerebral palsy, became so engrossed in the lessons she SAT UP STRAIGHT!  To the amazement of her helper.
  • Jackson, age 19 with down syndrome, played some rhythms which set him to bee-boppin’ and a-grinnin’ in simple self-satisfaction.
  • Kate, autistic, calmed her behavior and began improvising her own tunes.
  • Emily, with cerebral palsy, straightened her hand and showed the beginnings of control over her fingers.
The list goes on.
Your child, too, can experience the joy that comes through music.

For parents of children with autism and other special needs, how to create “normal” and “positive” life experiences is the challenge!

When so many day-to-day activities carry stress and frustration, it is hard to find opportunities for your student to relax and enjoy and just be himself.  Many pastimes are unavailable to the challenged student:
  • Structured sports and competitions are confusing and stressful
  • Crowded and noisy environments bring fear and insecurity
  • Uncertain social circumstances risk embarrassment and ridicule
  • Impossible physical demands prohibit many activitie

How can you structure something that will give your child the positive and affirming experiences that children need for a balanced and happy life?
Music can often be a solution.  It can provide an atmosphere and hobby that support your child’s development and growth. 

Let me tell you about Ami.
Ami came to me for piano lessons last year.  She is low-functioning autistic, 12 years old, non-verbal, can read at 1st or 2nd grade level, and has unpredictable behavior.  In 8 short months, Ami gave a piano recital before a small audience and played 10 minutes of music to everyone’s delight.  See the blog post “Ami’s Awesome Recital”.

The look of pride on her face made her mother cry!  At last Ami was the center of positive attention, receiving the applause and respect of so many people.
Imagine how your child would feel in the same place!  Imagine YOUR tears of joy watching your darling succeed in a social gathering!  Imagine how that would create happy memories.

My Ready to Read series is like none other.  It offers miracles in the making.  Unlike other piano methods, it was specifically designed with the realities of the special needs student in mind.  The 4 lessons of 3 parts each feature
  • 10 – 15 minute segments for short attention spans
  • Limited language, spoken slowly and clearly
  • Time for thought processing and reactions
  • Targeted goals for skill development
  • Fun, fun, fun music and activities
Your student plays dozens of familiar and well-loved nursery rhymes and silly songs.  He lays the foundations of music reading.  He gains confidence and satisfaction in new skills.  Your child becomes the center of family fun:
  • Enjoy the silly antics of Liza and Henry while singing “There’s a Hole in the Bucket.”
  • Share Christmas and holiday music with recitals and sing-along’s.
  • Explore the history of our country with “America” and “Yankee Doodle.”
  • Play make-believe with “Here Comes the Bride.”

At the end of these Ready to Read lessons your student will be able to
Play all the songs in the “I Can Do It!” Piano book
  • Make up their own stories and add sound effects
  • Lead happy song-fests around the piano
  • Perform recitals at home and in comfortable gatherings
  • Play most songs from any music store at the pre-reading level
  • Understand music notation and the fundamentals of note reading

Yes, but does it work?

Autism is a spectrum.  Some children are savants, while others struggle with very basic social skills, and everything in between.  Down syndrome, cerebral palsy etc. have their own special challenges. 
The only way to know if my method of piano instruction is effective with YOUR student is to give it a try.  
If you have not already signed up for the free trial lessons, do it today. 

To see what other students have accomplished after the Ready to Read series, check out my blog entries.  Each student has achieved skills and satisfaction in music like nothing before. 
Yours could, too!

You may expect such an opportunity to be expensive.
Private half-hour lessons are currently $25 - $40 each.

The Ready to Read lessons present up to 3 hours of instruction which could cost $150 - $240 in piano studios.

However, with my Ready to Read series of 4 lessons you get all this (during our summer special)
for just

(+ the “I Can Do It!” Piano Book)

For less than $10 per lesson, you get:

  • 40 – 45 minutes of instruction each lesson
  • Hours of happy bonding time with your child
  • An avenue of skill and advancement where your child can excel
  • The happiness of seeing your student shine!

The Nitty-Gritty Fine Print:
You will need
  1. a computer to receive the lessons, set up next to
  2. a piano or keyboard (preferably 61 keys, touch sensitive), and 
  3. the book “I Can Do It! Piano Book” available through our store @ $19.95.
  4. A parent/helper should assist at all lessons until the student proves independent. As a rule, if the student needs a helper in school, he will need a helper with these lessons.
  5. Minimum time commitment per segment is 15 minutes.

Ready to Read is a 4 lesson series to develop pre-reading skills. Concepts include:
  • finger exercises for control and dexterity
  • counting and rhythm
  • directional reading
  • notes C, D, and E of the staff
  • 15 more songs from the “I Can Do It” Piano book


Money Back Guarantee

We are so certain you will be delighted with the fun family times around the piano and your student’s developing skills, we offer a 30-day, no hassle money back guarantee.

There is no risk to try the Ready to Read course today.

Do it now!  Order the Ready to Read series of online piano lessons and give your children the gift of music!


Take advantage of our summer special of $29.
Better hurry! 
On September 1 the price returns to $39 for the Ready to Read course.

PLUS, for the next 2 months only, I will send you music to 10 more songs for your family to enjoy. These songs are rendered in my trademark method using finger-numbers, note names, and staff notation.


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