Welcome to the Ready to Read series of online piano lessons.
These four lessons of 3 parts each develop pre-reading skills.

Each lesson teaches

  • finger exercises for strength and dexterity
  • rhythm and counting exercises
  • a new music concept to prepare the student for reading
  • new music from the "I Can Do It!" book.
  • a review to give the student confidence and success.

Please print the e-book of lesson materials.  This may be done as a single download from the attachment of your welcome page.  Or you may download in smaller segments just the pages needed for each lesson.

The text book used is "I Can Do It!" by Christine Bemko Kril, available through the link in the online store.


Here is Lesson 1 and the materials needed for lesson 1. 

e-book R2R L1.pdf e-book R2R L1.pdf
Size : 455.642 Kb
Type : pdf



Part A 


 Part B



Part C 

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