Always have a variety of fun music books at a level or two BELOW the student's learning level.


Think about what we do to encourage our children to read.

Do you have just one school reader in the house?  Of course not.  You have dozens, maybe hundreds of books at all levels which you read again and again to your child.  Eventually the child will read her favorites even as she develops higher skills.  Easy and comfortable books bring a cozy security, and they are FUN!

Just as you learn to read by reading, and you learn to write by writing, you learn to read music by playing many songs.
In Piano for Special Needs I do not teach the child to play certain songs.  I teach them HOW to play all songs - at that level.  Therefore, parents should buy 10 music books at each level so the student has a variety of music to play again and again. 

Maybe his teddy bears like the School Bus song.  Or her dollies like "Here Comes the Bride."  or how about "The Dinosaur Stomp?"  There is so much wonderful music available.  Check our online store.

Our goal is to keep the music flowing, and the benefits will follow.

Musically yours,  Susan Bessette, teacher