Today I had so much success it's hard to choose a particular student.

Let's talk about Barry, my whirling-dervish autistic 9 year old boy.  He arrived a bit sleepy so I had a chance to talk to Dad about diet.  Dad doesn't subscribe to the gluten and lacto effect, but I was adamant about "NO SUGAR".  The last thing a little body in hyper mode needs is sugar or any food coloring of ANY sort.

For those of you who don't agree to restrict the gluten and lacto, I ask you to reconsider.  Gluten is associated with so many problems.  Statistics say that 50% of schitzophrenia disappears with gluten is removed.  (search schitzophrenia and raw food)  And don't complain to me about being too restricted.  I am gluten and lacto-intolerant, but furthermore a vegan by choice - and 50% raw.  My problem is controlling my weight with all the good choices available.

About Barry.  Last week I introduced the idea of finger numbers, with no apparent success.  He was bouncing off the walls and couldn't concentrate.  Today he was sleepy, and therefore compliant.  I put a cylinder in his hand and asked him to move finger #1, then #2, etc.  Then mixed them up.  Control was tentative, but definitely developing.  Next we pounded out quarter and half notes on the drum (oatmeal box).

At the piano he could stick out his thumb and eventually get to a note.  Barry plays with his index fingers only.  We worked on 2 fingers on 2 notes from 1 hand.  (He can do right left right left with finger #2 from each hand.)  But we want independent finger control.  The seed was planted and Dad understood.

We ended the lesson with "play your favorite song".  Barry was absolutely fascinated when he discovered that "Mary Had a Little Lamb" had the notes E G G.  So we found all the E G G's up and down the piano.

It was a wonderful lesson, very enjoyable, Barry had fun playing AND we made musical progress.

It doesn't get any better than that!!