This summer's project is to test my online program on new students who face physical and learning challenges.  The local newspaper assigned me a coordinator, Linda Davis, who runs the Special Olympics program at the YMCA.  She arranged for 6 or 7 students to take piano lessons for the summer.  I come with my computer, each students comes with an aide, and we test-drive the computer lessons.
Some aides were parents who had the time and energy to work with the child.  Other aides were siblings, Y employees, or volunteers.

The results are very heartening.  When the aide do as I direct in the lessons, the progress is the same as I get in my private studio.  The students are surprising us all with their interest and their growth.

One 15 year old boy with Down Syndrome (non-verbal) found his voice in music.  It turns out he is very bright and is playing through the whole book!
A 9 year old girl with CP is working on her finger coordination.  She is gaining strength and control, albeit slowly,  She can now press the note she intents to play.  For the recital next week she will play "Mary had a Little Lamb" and demonstrate some of our finger and hand exercises.
My "Wild One" with ASD followed directions and gave me a hug!  Little by little she is entering our world and can play a few songs.

Next week is the end-of-project recital.  After only 5 or 6 lessons, the students will play for the audience.  Each one has a new ability and song to share.  It should be a delightful afternoon, as
we measure success in smiles!