In just an hour a day, you can conquer the world!
- or at least develop a creative skill or product.

Last weekend I was proctor (usher) for our music club's scholarship competition.  About 50 marvelous young pianists showed us their best.  All were very good, some were outstandingly awesome!

I asked several students how many hours they practiced, expecting to hear 2 - 3 hours per day to achieve that level of excellence.  Surprisingly they all answered they average 1/2 to 1 hour daily.  ONE HOUR??!!  They accomplished all that in an hour a day!!

It demonstrated what can be achieved in a daily effort of only one hour.

Most of our special needs students may not have the concentration of a full hour.  That is why my lessons are in 10 - 15 minute segments.  But with a daily dedication of a half hour, miracles can happen.

A 30 minute allocation gives plenty of time for a comfortable transition into the music, time to pause the lesson as needed, and space to transition to the follow-on activity.  Playing one segment a day repeats the entire lesson over the week.

This schedule also solves the problem of correct practice.  Ineffective practice is very common among my students no matter how detailed I outline a practice regime.  The Piano for Special Needs program eliminates that hurdle, thus increasing the day-to-day learning.

All of my autistic and special needs students are supported by loving and attentive family who see they get 15 minutes of daily guided practice.  To my continuing amazement, these students make the same progress as some others in my studio. 

This suggests that special needs students can certainly progress in their music skills and attain the special joy and satisfaction that music offers.

This is a gift worth giving.

Musically yours,

Susan Bessette, teacher, Piano for Special Needs