One of the many frustrations of the ASD child is that of WORDS, WORDS, WORDS.

SO MANY WORDS all the time.  And SO FAST!

To address this issue, I developed my lessons using fewer words, with frequent repetition and long pauses.  This gives the student the time needed to process the information and ideas.

Explanations are kept at a minimum.  To the neuro-typical student I explain that the note E is on the line, and F is in the space higher and therefore must be the next note UP.  My ASD student is happy with "This is an E.  This is the F."  During the repeated playings I may say "Same" (for a repeated note) or "Up" or "Down" for movement by step.  Mostly I allow the student to see the concept,  just as in reading the alphabet is presented as is.

This technique seems to work.  Please comment below on your experiences and ideas in imparting these abstract concepts to the ASD mind.

Susan Bessette,