So many special needs students suffer "the soft bigotry of low expectations."

Because they learn in a different way at a different pace, it is tempting to think of ASD and other special needs kids as unteachable.  But we purpose not to fall into that trap.

Before one can achieve, one must inspired....imagine success.

Take them to Live Concerts.

Piano For Special Needs believes that our children can learn, given appropriate teaching methods and real live role models.  Nothing beats a live performance for encouragement and vision.  Tickets need not be expensive.  Often they are free.

Many small towns have school recitals.  Every piano studio has recitals.  My city of 20,000 has many venues from sophisticated to amateur performances.  Seek out concerts by young musicians - those your child can relate to.  I encourage parents/helpers to send me videos of their students playing music so we may post them on this website to inspire others.

Behavior considerations can be handled by limiting the time of attendance.  If the child gets fidgety, leave at intermission.  Or promise to meet the musicians at the end (musicians love to mingle with the audience).

Our lives are limited by our imagination.  Open your eyes to possibilities around you in order to open the eyes of your child to the wonderful world of music.