Sherri's challenge is lack of faith in herself.
She approaches each lesson sure that she will not be able to learn the music and give an adequate performance.  She defeats herself before she begins.  While this is not a "named" disorder, it is certainly holding Sherri back at many levels.

Building Sherri's confidence was my challenge.  Convincing her to try new ideas and to believe she can learn was not easy.

Practice at home was unfocused and sporadic.  I expected her to quit at any time.

But Sherri came to life when she learned I would record the recital and post it on YouTube.  She practiced very hard and you can see the results.  Sherri has overcome her self doubts and really enjoyed herself and the attention she received in the recital.  And, her YouTube performance has more views that almost any other.

I have great hopes that she will continue her studies now that she has tasted success.
And she likes to sing!  Sherri should go very far in her music.