Olivia's challenge is not autism, but speech.
Plus debilitating shyness which seriously limits social interactions.  Olivia's personality is definitely stifled.

Each season at Bessette Piano Studio ends in May with a Grande Finale Recital, where students play 10 songs before an audience of family and friends.  I schedule 3 students at a time to make for 35-minute recitals and provide a small audience of 10 - 20 people.

When Olivia's Mom heard of the recital, she was reluctant to let Olivia participate.  She did not want to set Olivia up for embarrassment and failure.  But Olivia wanted to perform and we scheduled the 3 girl friends together.

Have you ever seen a wall-flower blossom before your eyes?
Just look at the smile on her face!    A shy smile of delight and self-satisfaction. 
See how she enjoys the appreciation of the audience.
These are the experiences that bring the love and affirmation needed to develop normal and happy lives.

Thank you, Olivia, for your gift of music.  And thank you, Mom, for letting your daughter play.