Willie arrived tired, after a bad night's sleep, and cranky, and uncooperative. Since it is autumn we walked around the yard noting the leaves still on the trees were green, but the ones on the ground were brown.  I explained some of my trees had leaves which turned red; THEN they would fall.  My goal is to know what Willy THINKS about.  The tactic is to get him to wonder.

First, I offered him things to think about.  Trees, leaves, colors, noting that they fall, wondering why they fall.  In the bathroom we discussed how the water was white and then I inserted a blue toilet cleaning tablet into the tank part.  We saw it begin to dissolve and I asked Willie if he thought it would color the water.  (something to think about)   (Not to worry, Willie had privacy while doing his thing, I entered when he as back together.)  Then off to the lesson.

Willie was having nothing to do with melodic intonation and was in and out of meltdowns.  We tried songs with phrase completion and he didn't care that Jesus loved him.  Then Willie "stimmed" on the LH bassline F d Bb C and I added RH melody.  He then switched to C (C a F G) which I thought was quite clever, proving he mastered the concept and could change keys.

More tears, another bathroom break, and Willie noted the toilet water was beginning to turn blue.

Next we tried the clapping song (rhythm exercises) without success.  Then the pumpkin song (that worked); we watched a clip of Eensy Weensy Spider, doing the hand motions, playing the song from the lettered book (I Can Do It!) and a written score.  Willie begins to read real music.

The bell rang and he played his "I Wanna Go Home" song.  (remember that old 50's tune?)

On the way out I cried, "Oh, we forgot to do Willie's Cowboy Swing song", to which Willie sang back "do, do-do, do do"  (C  GA G C).  After all that, Willie left singing and smiling.  Whee!

The mother looked sheepish and embarrassed.   I was elated.  The lesson was not pretty.  There was defiance, melt-downs, screaming, changing the lesson.....but there were moments of laughter, singing, smiling and learning.

If that's not love (success) what is?