I have begun the project of writing music for 2 or 3 fingers. 
This week I finally wrote out
The Woodpecker and Happy Frog, Sad Frog. 

The Woodpecker uses just 2 notes, C & D.  For the non-readers I just write the note names under the first 2 notes for them to know which is which.  The student chooses any 2 fingers that work and plays the song.  Then any other 2 fingers that work, etc., until all controllable fingers in both hands are exercised.

The students with CP have the most limitations, but digits that didn't work last week are usable this week.  Typically those with ASD or DS have never used their fingers independently before, and the task requires MUCH concentration.  But they do it!

Happy Frog, Sad Frog was inspired during my morning walk past the pond.  I noticed the frogs sang 3 notes.  So we contrasted the major and minor thirds and worked it into the 12 bar blues pattern.  Presto:  a song that exercises 3 fingers that sounds like it might be a song!

These exercise songs, and others, will be available when I finish the 4 lesson series for hand development.  Look for them soon.  Write to me if you are interested in trying the series.