I have often been asked how I can put out one piano series for so many students with different circumstances?

Autism is a spectrum from savants to mental retardation.  Down syndrome and cerebral palsy have even different challenges. The Piano for Special Needs program works with a variety of challenged individuals.  The secret is the parent/helper, and why the parent/helper is such an integral part of the picture.  Since the parent/helper knows and loves the child, he is in tune with her needs.

It is the parent/helper who
  •     determines the speed of the lesson, pausing the video to assure proper hand placement;
  •     finds the right page, corrects errors as they occur;
  •     explains the concept in student-terms for complete understanding,
  •     provides additional praise and positive reinforcement
  •     monitors and adapts finger exercises to make them relevant for the student
  •     uses their experience in how to reach that particular child and molds the lesson accordingly.

The learning experience brings a very special bonding between teacher and student.  As the teacher (parent/helper) monitors the lesson and makes it individual, the student grows in confidence and self-pride and enjoys the music time.  Magic happens between themA relationship develops that can remain over many years. For example, many of us remember fondly a teacher who was significant or pivotal in our lives.

So how does one-size-fits-all work when everyone is a different size? 
    Through the love and dedication of the parent/helper.  God bless you all.