So many of us struggle with the notion that "I will never be any good."  Or "why bother with lessons?"  Or "is it worth the effort?"  This is a horribly defeating attitude.

I am currently working on a Bach suite.  Bach has humiliated me for decades.  I feel defeated the minute I open the page.

My friend, Christine Bemko Kril author of "I Can Do It!" advises not to focus on being good, just focus on getting better.  That changed my whole outlook.  Rather than face the entire composition, I took 2 measures and made them better.  Not great, not good, just better than before.  Guess what!  I am making progress!!

Autism is a spectrum and each student will have different goals.  Perhaps your child needs finger independence.  A simple finger number exercise is perfect.  Or maybe your student will work on counting evenly and holding half notes for 2 beats.  Each goal is worthy; each goal is valid; each is a step towards "getting better".  Just be sure the goals are small and success (getting better) is guaranteed.

So many good things come from playing music.  Celebrate each victory as your child makes progress.

Focus on *Getting Better* Rather than "Being Good"