This summer I am field testing the Piano For Special Needs program.
A wonderful lady named Linda Davis has chosen a random sampling of students from her Special Olympics contacts.
There are:
autism, age 20
down syndrome, age 19
autism, age 17
down syndrome, age 15
cerebral palsy, age 9
autism, age 9
autism, age 5
plus a new mother saw the activity and will enter her daughter next week.

I am THRILLED to report that each student is responding very well to the program.

I see the need to develop a training video for the parent/helper.  Some p/h's get right in there and melt into the program, others hold back not knowing what to do.  I also need a video of hand and finger exercises.  Each of these students have digital control challenges, especially cerebral palsy.  But even they are making improvements in straighter wrists and the beginnings of finger command.

For the next several weeks I will blog on this topic.  You could not stop me, the progress is breath-taking and I tell everyone I meet!