Each of my lessons begins with hand and finger exercises.
We move the fingers one at a time.  We move the hand as a unit, and then large arm motions.  (Mamma bird feeding the babies, or butterflies in the flowers...)
3 weeks ago Lady K (9 years old with CP) could not coordinate 2 fingers.  Her frustration and defeat brought her to the edge of tears.  Privately I wondered how to teach Lady K anything at all on the piano.  But the next week she returned with control of 3 fingers, and this week she had those 3 plus 2 fingers in the other hand.  FIVE FINGERS!!  I can write music for a month for 5 fingers!
This lovely girl has such a feeling of accomplishment and joy as she plays Chopsticks, The Woodpecker, Happy Frog Sad Frog, plus the short exercise pages I create.  Next we will prepare Jingle Bells for Lady K to play for her therapist in December.  What fun!
Music is such a blessing.  It ministers to us emotionally and physically.  When her mother chose to give Lady K the gift of piano lessons, a whole new world full of opportunity and promise opened.  Pass this message to other families who could benefit.
Time to go.  I've got music to compose!