I am not a doctor.  I have not done years of research with control groups.  This blog post is simply my opinion.
But it seems to me...

It seems to me that good health affects all aspects of our lives and must somehow be intertwined with autism.
Studies show that may not be the case, but how can that be true?  Healthier is always better.

It seems to me that any child struggling with behavior issues should never be given sugar, food additives and chemicals, colors and dyes, or any such concoctions.  In short, if you can't pronounce it, don't give it to your kid.

It seems to me that consuming food of the highest nutritional values will build healthier cells.  Quality structures are made of quality materials.  Strong cells build strong bones and muscles.  Feed your body the very best.

Raw fruits and vegetables should comprise much of your diet. 
God puts nutrition in the food.  Man can only take it away.  The moment the fruit is picked is its height of nourishment.  The best thing is to eat it as soon as possible with minimal alterations.  Granted, processed food is better than starvation.  But is that really your choice? 
  • Sliced bananas and strawberries are better than boxed mac and cheese.
  • Serve apple pieces dusted with cinnamon, rather than chips and soda.
  • Broccholi Stars (stalks sliced thinly) are often fun for children.
  • Water is an elegant beverage. Please research lacto-intolerance. You will be surprised at what you discover.
Those with special needs can only benefit from enjoying the best fruits and vegetables.  Pursue nutrition as your hobby.  You will be better for it.