Annie is developing into a delightful little girl.  She is still strong-willed, only following the instructions she chooses.  Therefore since she will never be a competition player, I focus on giving Annie the gift of music for life-long enjoyment.

Improvisation lights her up!  For lessons, after a brief segment of sightreading and playing songs from the books, we turn to improv.

We started with the Cowboy Swing LH pattern (1  565  1:  C GAG C)  We discussed why it is 1 565 1, and played the pattern in many keys.  We played a basic blues pattern using tonic and subdominant and discovered that C and F are partners, as well as G/C, D/G, F/Bb, etc.  I wrote a silly song that uses the Cowboy Swing (I have a dog...C GAG C...) and sang and played and giggled and invented verses that reflect Annie's life.  Add kazoo accompaniment and the lesson is a great success.

Mission accomplished.  Annie learned rhythm, theory, transposition, scale numbers, blues pattern, etc.  AND she left singing and dancing and wanting to return next week for more.