At the end of each school year in my piano studio we have a Grande Finale Recital where each student plays 10 compositions.  It is quite a party with parents, family, friends.  The students dress up and look great, and the parents are so proud.

The big question was how would Ami react?  Would she freeze up?  Would she stop in the middle and drift into la-la land?  What would happen?

To everyone's delight, she did just fine.  Ami played her songs with minimal prompting and basked in the applause!  She would have played all afternoon had I let her.

The video you see posted was taken at her lesson the next day.  She watched her recital video with GREAT INTEREST and understood that it was HER playing the piano.  However, in the recital I sat next to her for encouragement and support and blocked the camera.  Therefore, at the lesson we asked if she wanted to play for the camera again and she said, "yes."

Glory!!  Hallelujah!!  Ami played and played and finally ended with her best rendition yet of "God Is So Good".

What a fitting statement!