It's summer time, with summer schedules, vacations, and new ideas.  On a whim I got kazoos to see what happens.
What can you do with a kazoo in a piano lesson?
Donnie (down syndrome) has no concept of rhythm.  He cannot continuously count 4/4 time.  He will not sing, but MIGHT speak the words, never coming in on time.  My goal for the adventure was rhythm.
First Donnie had to teach me how a kazoo works (self-esteem).  Then we played around with them a bit (fun).
Next I had him play a song from "I Can Do It!" which was played very badly.  So we buzzed it on the kazoo.  I played the piano and we both tooted the melody.  Then I played part of the melody (Mary had a....) and Donnie tooted his part (little lamb), coming in on time and on tone!
What a fun lesson that was!  The kazoos were a big hit with all my other students, but that will be for future blogs.