Yesterday was the big day, the end-of-test recital.  Could I really take a half dozen challenged students with various conditions and a span of ages and through my program of online piano lessons get results?  YES!

Of course, the students who had consistent attendance and home practice, with aides who followed the directions of the Piano For Special Needs method had the biggest gains.  But ALL students, even newbies after 2 lessons, passed the "Smile Test".  ALL were proud of their achievement and basked in the applause of the audience.

The comments of parents had a consistent theme.  They had never considered offering their child music lessons (assuming they could not achieve in this arena) and were surprised at the hand coordination developed.  One mother thought her son would never have independent control of his pinkie.  But he does now!  Another girl can play the intended key with one finger, and she uses both hands!

Another benefit is the camaraderie.  Special children are often socially isolated.  Not with music!
A girl sang "Yankee Doodle", then a boy played it.  The program ended with the entire audience of the YMCA summer camp singing Yankee Doodle.  My students were the stars and loved all the attention. 

And THAT is what the Piano For Special Needs program is all about.