My name is Susan Bessette. 
I teach piano in my studio in Virginia.  I am married to Denis for 43 years and we have 3 sons and 4 grandchildren, including a high-functioning autistic boy.

My gifting is teaching….getting into the learner’s mind and making it make sense.  Over the years I have taught math, science, history, and of course music.  I have always been drawn to the atypical child.  

Upon retiring as math teacher in Los Angeles County Juvenile Prison System, we moved to Virginia where I opened Bessette Piano Studio.

Last year I got my first autistic student.  My internet searches for tips and techniques yielded little to no results. 

Thus the idea was born to develop a series of lessons for Autism Spectrum Disorders students that is research and experience based.  These same techniques have proven effective with those challenged by down syndrome or any slow learner, and cerebral palsy.

Please join with me in discovering effective ways to enter the world of the ASD child and draw him into ours.  Together we can communicate through music, create positive and affirming experiences that build self-esteem and trust, and have simple loving fun with our children.

Musically Yours,

Susan Bessette

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