Here is Lesson 4 in the *Free* Beginner Class series.

  • Part A
    • has a counting activity with quarter notes and half notes.
    • introduces the concept of notes on lines and spaces and how they move up and down the staff.
    • It is demonstrated with the tune Ode to Joy.
  • Part B teaches the pedal, plus notes Bb and F#.
  • Part C recaps the complete *Free* Beginner Class series with reviews of concepts and songs from each lesson.
I hope you and your student enjoy these lessons as much as I have in presenting them. 
We will see you in the next series which are described below after Lesson 4 Part C.

Happy Music Making,

Susan Bessette, teacher


 Please download the materials for Lesson 4

E-book, 4free L4.pdf E-book, 4free L4.pdf
Size : 357.746 Kb
Type : pdf

 Lesson 4 Part A

Lesson 4 Part B

Lesson 4, Part C, the Grande Finale 


Congratulations and thank you for trying Piano for Special Needs *Free* Beginners Class.

We trust that you and your student are enjoying new dimensions in communications and interactive family fun.  Please continue to provide occasions for her to play and experience the praise and approval of loved ones.


There are two follow-up programs to now offer your child.


Ready to Read is the second half of this introductory course.

  • It reinforces the pre-reading skills, allowing the student to be more comfortable with the concepts and music presented thus far. 
  • We play more songs from the "I Can Do It!" book. 
  • At the end of these 4 lessons your student should be able to play all the songs in "I Can Do It!", plus most music offered through our online store designated "Pre-Reading."

First Steps in Reading is for those who easily learned all the skills and music presented in this introductory course. 

  • It begins the reading of music process. 
  • We learn to read and play notes from bass C to treble D.  (2 octaves + 1)
  • We use the keys of C Major and G Major.
  • At the end of these 8 lessons your student will be able to play most any music book offered through our online store designated "Primer Level", plus many marked as "Early Elementary".

Continue the Adventure and the benefits that music brings to our world.

Happy Music Making,

Susan Bessette, teacher
Piano for Special Needs

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