Here is Lesson 3 in the *Free* Beginners Class series.

  • Part A first reviews the ideas previously presented.  To reinforce the sequence of the note names, we play and name all keys in reverse order:  from high to low.  There is a new finger number song, a review of notes CDE, and introduction of F and G.
  • Part B teaches the notion of counting.  We start with a hand clapping activity, go to note playing, then to reading quarter notes and half notes.
  • Part C teaches 4 songs, The Wake Up Song, Shortnin' Bread, Hush Little Baby, Where is Thumbkin.

Happy Music Making,

Susan Bessette

Please download the materials for Lesson 3

E-book, 4free L3.pdf E-book, 4free L3.pdf
Size : 277.325 Kb
Type : pdf

Lesson 3, Part A 

Lesson 3, Part B



Lesson 3 Part C 



Congratulations on your student completing the third piano lesson.   I am sure your family is enjoying the progress and the beautiful music.  Please look for Lesson 4 in your email soon.

After the first four *Free* Beginner Class lessons, you can sign up for the Ready to Read series which is a continuation of this one.  It gives your student the time to digest these skills and concepts and become comfortable at the pre-reading level before moving on.  If your student easily advances through these four lessons, you may choose First Steps in Reading.  Keep the music flowing!

Happy Music Making,

Susan Bessette


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