Welcome to your *Free* Beginner Class.

Congratulations on beginning your child’s journey of discovery through music.
Please set up your computer/laptop next to your piano/keyboard.  Pull up a chair for the student and a chair for the parent/helper.  Let the fun begin!


Please print this document and put in a 3-ring binder.  It contains all the materials you need for lesson 1:  agenda, teaching tips, stories with sounds (used in part A), and The Black Note Song (part B). You will receive downloads needed with each lesson.

E-book, 4free L1.pdf E-book, 4free L1.pdf
Size : 372.543 Kb
Type : pdf

Part A 



Below is Part B of Lesson 1. 



 Below is Part C of Lesson 1.  Please open the "I Can Do It" book.


Congratulations on your student completing his first piano lesson.   I am sure your family is enjoying the progress and the beautiful music.  Please look for Lesson 2 in your email soon.

Happy Music Making,

Susan Bessette

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