Online Piano Lessons for

Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders,

Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, and Other Conditions

"Give the gift of music to connect to the world of your child and
open doors of the mind, emotions, and new possibilities"


My Vision

When I got my first ASD student I searched the internet for teaching techniques.  Finding little or no information, I began this website to discover and develop ways to impart the joys of music to them.

Please join the research team

Go to the blog and add your comments and experience so together we can design an effective program for our children to enjoy.

You can also support our research and outreach efforts by purchasing music through the online store, or by making a donation.  Donations are used for scholarships, gifts of keyboards to needy students, and website expenses.

Piano for Special Needs presents a unique approach to share the magical world of music with students with autism and other special needs. 

Here's how it works

Piano for Special Needs is a family-centered approach to your child learning to play the piano through online lessons.  We offer a variety of 4- or 8- week series. 

All series are free! 

For program details click on "My Method" button above.

Do not delay in giving your family the special bonding time that music provides.

This short video explains it all.



Please order "I Can Do It! Piano Book"
from  Promo code p4sn.
  • Be careful to get the PIANO BOOK 
  • The EXPLORER'S GUIDE is an excellent supplement for parents and teachers for new ideas and techniques. 
  • However, the PIANO BOOK is the required text for the 4 Free Lessons as well as the following "Ready to Read" series.
Meet my Students
As a new feature to be used as a discovery technique for those teaching special needs students (sns), this column will introduce each one and describe the tricks and approaches I am using.  Each new entry will be made in the blog.  Teachers/parents are invited to comment, and especially add what they have done successfully.  The whole point is to develop approaches to impart the gift of music to these very special people.  All will be composite students so as not to identify an individual.  

Today's Blog

Not all lessons are pretty

Posted by Susan Bessette on Thursday, October 20, 2016 Under: lesson experiences
Willie arrived tired, after a bad night's sleep, and cranky, and uncooperative. Since it is autumn we walked around the yard noting the leaves still on the trees were green, but the ones on the ground were brown.  I explained some of my trees had leaves which turned red; THEN they would fall.  My goal is to know what Willy THINKS about.  The tactic is to get him to wonder.
  (see blog)

Wild One Willy is a young teen with severe autism.  Non-verbal in the traditional sense - he might repeat or mimic but there is no exchange of ideas - his main vocalization is a loud piercing fire engine sound, or hysterical laughter. Read in the blog how I am getting him to talk to me and his current repertoire.

Attitude Annie is a typical public school student with no special needs, except she is very willful....or more accurately, won't-full.  My teacher friends ask why I keep her.  Probably for the challenge.  How do you direct a young and bright child when she just won't? 

Sally with cerebral palsy has the "happy gene."  Of all people, Sally has the right to complain, but she never does.  She is a joy to all who know her and once technology augments her abilities, there will be no stopping her.

Donnie with Down Syndrome is the sweetest young man.  Perhaps God put such among us to teach us love, trust, acceptance, truthfulness.  Donnie is a slow learner, but he learns.  And when he smiles in pride, it lights up the room! 

Tommy (Traumatic Brain Injury) is a handsome young man.  His very life is a testimony of the faith and devotion of his family.  The doctors did not expect him to survive his accident, or to wake from the coma, or talk, or walk, or ever be a person again.  MUSIC brought him back to life, so with music we will try to rebuild speech and give new activities for his rehabilitation.
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